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4 Ways Facilities Managers Can Use Cloud-Based Energy Monitoring

As a facilities manager, your primary objectives are threefold: To ensure all building systems remain in good working condition continuously. To maintain an environment that supports building tenants and productivity. To reduce the operating costs[...]

5 Types Of Preventative Maintenance In Commercial Facilities

We’ve talked about preventative maintenance before on our blog, and where it stands on the continuum relative to other types of maintenance. But that’s not the end of the story; there are different approaches to preventative maintenance itself, all[...]

The Bright Future Of LED & IoT Lighting

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Historically, the manner in which we produce and deliver light has made incremental improvements since the days of the kerosene lamp—each iteration solving challenges posed by the previous method.[...]

The 4 Components That Make A Smart Building Ecosystem

As a facilities manager, does your building have the necessary components for you to: respond to changing weather conditions to optimize occupants’ comfort level and reduce your energy expenditure; predict when a core operating component (like the[...]

The Components Of A Building Management System

Whether you’re running a large boiler plant or a mid-sized office building, you need a way to keep track of and control its various systems. Traditionally, facilities managers have turned to building management systems (BMS), also sometimes called[...]

Commercial Building Maintenance Checklist: What Can Be Automated?

Commercial building maintenance—the regular work required to keep up and improve upon a building’s systems and equipment—is essential to sustaining a property’s utility and value. It encompasses a range of activities that include inspecting the[...]

Real-World Results: 4 Benefits Of Smart Buildings

If you’re considering investing in smart technology for your facility, you’re in good company. Recent research shows that the global smart building market is expected to grow from an estimated $7.42 billion in 2017 to nearly $32 billion by 2022. And[...]

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