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Hospital Air Quality Monitoring Done Right

The indoor environment of any building is complex, and hospitals are no exception. But in a facility dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of its inhabitants, hospital air quality is of special concern.

The Need For Power Quality Monitoring

As a facilities manager, you’re so busy that you’re doing well if you review your utility bills regularly. But when was the last time you closely examined your contract with the utility company? As we’ve seen with many of our customers, there’s[...]

What Is Preventive Maintenance?

Which of these scenarios best describes your building’s maintenance program? Reliant on a paper management system, your workers spend most of their time performing failure maintenance tasks—unscheduled activities done in response to equipment[...]

Save Big On Energy With Demand Control Ventilation

By now, the idea of getting things “on demand” is hardly new; it’s growing and affecting human behavior in a multitude of ways as we speak. It only makes sense that the same concept applied to building management—giving a building what it needs,[...]

Smart Building Analytics: Two Savings Opportunities You Can Realize Now

When was the last time you closely examined your building’s utility bill? If you’re like most facility managers, it’s probably been a while. That’s because you turn most of your attention to managing your commercial facility, as your primary concern[...]

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