What Is Preventive Maintenance?

Which of these scenarios best describes your building’s maintenance program? Reliant on a paper management system, your workers spend most of their time performing failure maintenance tasks—unscheduled activities done in response to equipment[...]

Save Big On Energy With Demand Control Ventilation

By now, the idea of getting things “on demand” is hardly new; it’s growing and affecting human behavior in a multitude of ways as we speak. It only makes sense that the same concept applied to building management—giving a building what it needs,[...]

IoT-Based Solar Projects: Why They’re A Game-Changer

By now, it’s a given that solar power works. And while solar power still hovers on the verge of becoming mainstream, more and more businesses (including more than a hundred Fortune 500 companies) are already seeing significant benefits as a result[...]

Conducted A Commercial Building Energy Audit Recently? If Not, You’re Missing Out

What comes to mind when you hear the term “energy audit”? If you’re like most facilities managers, nothing good. The idea of closely examining your building’s energy needs and operating efficiency seems bound to stir up trouble, especially if things[...]

Commercial Building Maintenance Checklist: What Can Be Automated?

Commercial building maintenance—the regular work required to keep up and improve upon a building’s systems and equipment—is essential to sustaining a property’s utility and value. It encompasses a range of activities that include inspecting the[...]

Real-World Results: 4 Benefits Of Smart Buildings

If you’re considering investing in smart technology for your facility, you’re in good company. Recent research shows that the global smart building market is expected to grow from an estimated $7.42 billion in 2017 to nearly $32 billion by 2022. And[...]

Smart Building Analytics: Two Savings Opportunities You Can Realize Now

When was the last time you closely examined your building’s utility bill? If you’re like most facility managers, it’s probably been a while. That’s because you turn most of your attention to managing your commercial facility, as your primary concern[...]

IoT Growth Still on the Early Bend of the Bell Curve?

Today’s level of IoT growth and adoption reminds me a lot of the pre-cloud hosting days. You know, when people used to actually buy hardware and host it in the telco closet of their office building on a T1 line. Similar to cloud hosting which took[...]

IoT Requires Imagination

There are more than 20B IoT connected devices online (in 2017 according to IHS). This number is predicted to see a CAGR of 33% over the next decade. So the question begs to be asked, how do commercial and industrial operators get value from IoT as[...]

What is Demand Response?

In a nutshell, demand response is a programmatic approach to energy curtailment during peak hours. Peak hours are normally established by each local electric utility, and during those hours the cost of energy is traditionally much higher than[...]

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